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Date Added: 20.04.22

We polled people in all types of roles in the energy industry to find out how much they were being paid, how they were feeling about their career prospects, whether they were thinking about moving jobs and more.

2021 was a turbulent year for the energy industry. Wholesale gas prices ballooned and dozens of energy companies either collapsed or were forced into making severe cuts. Workers began to look outside the energy industry when considering new roles.

This was reflected in our results, with 55% of our respondents admitting that they were considering moving jobs within the next year. Despite this, though, more than half of workers in all categories said that they were happy in their current role, suggesting that many of those who were considering moving would prefer not to. Our survey shines some light on why these workers might be looking to move, and how they might be persuaded to stay.

We also gathered people’s thoughts on diversity and inclusion practices within the workplace. Our results suggested that although there is a healthy ethnic diversity in most industry workplaces, there is still more work to be done when it comes to women making it into the upper echelons of the energy industry.

This survey provides some extremely interesting insights into how workers are feeling about their work and their prospects for the future and should be required reading for employers who are looking to retain their best staff. There’s some especially interesting data on how the pandemic has affected people’s careers, which is likely to remain relevant as workplaces continue to adjust to the arrival of remote working.

Creating this survey has been a fascinating experience. With the energy industry likely to experience more turbulence over the next few months, giving employers a deeper insight into the thoughts of their workers could make a valuable contribution to the industry’s fortunes.

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20th April

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