Never give up! Growing a Clean Energy Finance Team.

Client : ConEdison - CEB 


Company Background 

ConEdison is one of the largest Utilities in the United States and operates one of the world’s largest energy delivery systems. They are transitioning into cleaner energy models by investing in, building, and operating reliable, resilient and innovative energy infrastructure to transition away from fossil fuels and requires top industry talent to do this. 

The challenge 

ConEdison were searching for 2 Senior Financial Analysts to cope with growing project demands, a crucial requirement that needed candidates on site in their New York office. Due to the niche skill set and depth of experience required, specific location in which there is INTENSE competition for this talent from the local developers and financial institutions alike, this was an extremely challenging search. 


What happened next? 

Having taken a thorough briefing call with the internal team at ConEd, we were able to shortlist from our existing pool of industry talent within a matter of days, submitting 5 candidates, 4 of which were interviewed, and were able to progress at a real pace. Three of these were progressed to 2nd stage and with 2 weeks, the preferred candidate had been presented with an offer which was accepted. 

Position number 2 saw much bigger hurdles, with competitors offering huge salaries, well over the industry average, remote working, and current employers giving massive counter offers. It presented some real challenges, with several applicants entering the recruitment process with real enthusiasm, but only to decide at final stages to either not relocate, accept lucrative competing offers or to remain where they are. 

It required real grit and determination to keep resetting and going again, but whilst ConEd remained committed to hiring and committed to us, we never gave up. After 3 months, 8, 1st stage interviews, 5, 2nd stage interviews, and 4 offers, we finally secured that second hire which shows how far we will go for you. 


The result  

The search resulted in a highly skilled candidate, who was really excited about starting their new role, as well as relocating to NYC. 


In addition, the client was extremely happy with the new additions joining their team, and although we encountered some initial challenges, our Finance Team had worked around the clock to ensure we found the perfect new hires.  

20th April

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