Headhunting Top Engineering Leadership

Company: DLR 


Company Background 

DLR Group is a national design engineering company, whose promise is to elevate the human experience through design. Looking to grow into the renewable energy sector, they are committed to approaching each design challenge with a view to improving the world. 


The Challenge

Having been recommended to Consult Energy by another industry client, DLR approached us to lead the search for a National Renewable Energy Vice President to both deliver a number of renewable engineering projects and grow their presence within the US Renewable market. The role required someone with substantial renewable industry experience as well as a licensed PE to sign off all new projects. The ideal candidate needed not only to manage projects, but also be able to perform engineering tasks at hand. 


What happened next?

Due to the specific nature of the requirements, this hire could only have come from a handful of companies.  Our team set upon a targeted headhunting project – mapping out key competitors, the skilled engineering leadership within those, and then approached and filtered all possibilities. 


The Result

Over the course of 8 weeks, we headhunted 8 qualified candidates that were genuinely interested in new opportunities, submitted the best 6, saw 5 interviewed and ultimately, 1 hired.  Our successful partnership continues, as our team is now helping to recruit for the Vice President’s entire renewable division.   

24th May

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