Company Background  

The Electricity Supply Board is a state owned electricity company operating in the Republic of Ireland. While historically a monopoly, the ESB now operates as a commercial semi-state concern in a "liberalised" and competitive market.

The challenge

They had a very niche wholesale energy regulation position that they had struggled to fill for over 3 months due to skill shortage in this field. Going to an agency was seen as a last resort but lack of a candidate pipeline through their own means meant they needed someone to assist with strong insight into the market and thus a contact I knew recommended they use me. Having engaged us just before Christmas, time was of the essence prior to what always becomes a busy hiring period in January.

What happened next?

I reached out to my network of specialist energy regulation and compliance candidates to determine who could meet the specific brief as well as headhunting more widely and in turn I managed to provide 3 capable options, all with the necessary essential skills. 

The result

Due to the challenges they’d had previously in tandem with a very competitive candidate market, they turned around interviews quickly and one became a stand out immediately, so they proceeded to offer the next day and this was accepted.

30th March

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