Consult Energy’s 2021 Highlights

Date Added: 27.01.22

As we kick off another year, we can’t help but look back over everything Consult has achieved as a business in 2021.

There have certainly been some challenges to adapt to: big changes in the UK retail energy space meant that we’ve really had to knuckle down and support clients and candidates alike. From helping those who have been made redundant in light of recent company closures, to being there to advise any businesses switching focus to clean energy – we’ve certainly been busy.

And that’s not even mentioning our second year running through a pandemic, which brought its own set of adjustments like continuing hybrid working to keep everyone safe and ramping up support for our clients. By now, you probably know that we like making lemonade out of lemons, so all things considered, there’s a lot to be proud of this year for us.

What better way to approach the new year with positivity and optimism than to list our highlights from 2021? Let’s take a look at some of the milestones we’re celebrating…

Amazing Growth

Why break the habit of a lifetime? We’ve grown year on year since we first opened our doors, and 2021 wasn’t going to be any different. With big ambitions to help our ever-expanding market achieve big things, we needed more talented, like-minded people on board to make it happen.

We welcomed 20 new starters to the business throughout 2021, bringing our headcount up to 39 in total across the UK and US office – that’s 9 new additions in the UK and 11 in the USA! We couldn’t talk about growth without mentioning the fact that this year saw us give out 4 promotions for some outstanding work completed by the team.

New Office

In fact, we welcomed so many new faces that we even outgrew our office. We ended up taking the office space across the corridor from us, so we now occupy the whole 5th floor of Neville House. Next step: world domination? Seriously though, we like to show our office off so if you want to talk recruitment opportunities, you should stop by some time.

UK Renewable Energy Expansion

With so many of our clients shifting their focus to greener things, we thought it was time to dedicate an arm of Consult Energy UK to renewable and clean energy too. We’d always kept our finger on the pulse of the clean energy revolution, and had worked with many a business building towards a more sustainable future, but needed to signpost our specialist knowledge to the world.

This saw us welcome Ashley Pitt on board to help Co-founder & Chief Sales Officer, Kevin, and Manager of our clean energy division, Joseph, to establish our new division and drive it forward. From wind, solar and storage to the EV revolution, the space is brimming with excitement and innovation. Whether we’re sourcing industry experts for scoping and developing new projects or engineering and construction, it’s great to expand into a market that’s genuinely changing the world.

Consult Energy USA

Our US business has been its own boss for some time now, but we couldn’t talk about 2021 achievements without showing our sister company some appreciation for all they’ve accomplished this year. From launching their Boston office, to growing the team by an impressive 183% – yes, you read that correctly. With 11 new faces joining the business and some seriously prestigious American energy clients on board, Team USA are going places, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Nominated for a Global Recruiter Award

We’re never going to stop talking about this one! Being nominated for Global Recruiter’s Specialist Recruitment Business Award isn’t just one of our highlights of 2021, it’s probably up there with one of our favourite moments of all time.

We may not have won (this time), but just having our industry knowledge recognised by such a well-respected figure in recruitment is unbelievably rewarding in and of itself. Our niche energy and utilities expertise is something we pride ourselves on as a business because it means we can offer our client valuable insight on the market. Which is why it meant a lot to be able to bring the team together for the awards ceremony and give ourselves a pat on the back.

World Class Back Office

Not to brag, but we think we perfected our back office operation in 2021. It’s pretty unheard of for a recruitment business to have invested as much as we have into our amazing operational team, but we’re firm believers that they’re the backbone of Consult Energy. The fact of the matter is that our consultants, as fantastic as they are, are able to achieve what they do thanks to the support of our world-class HR & training, operations & accounts and marketing teams behind them.

We grew the back office team from 3 to 7, bringing on board dedicated learning and development staff, UK and USA dedicated operations managers and marketing specialists. Not to mention upgrading our tools to help our recruiters do their jobs better.

So, what’s next for us in 2022? Watch this space to find out. We can tell you that further expansion is on the cards for us, so if you’re a recruiter who’s interested in joining us at a pivotal point in our growth – you should give our Talent Manager, Matthew Dines a call on 0121 7250766 to find out more about the vacancies we have available in both our UK & USA branches.

27th January

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